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Schuyler Devin and the Necklace of the Crystal Skull

It may not be a mystical Mesoamerican relic discovered in the ruins of a lost Belizean temple, and it may not be a talisman or focus for psychic phenomenon, but I think it makes a great necklace. In my bio I mentioned that I collect--well, practically everything, and that includes necklaces. Last time I counted, there were more than a dozen necklaces in my collection, so this adds to my accumulation of adornments (I have quite a few rings and watches as well. Surprised? I didn't think so). I came across this skull on Saturday and instantly loved it. I added the cord and the beads to make the fine piece of jewelry you see in the picture.

Three days have passed and there has not been an uncanny flood of psychometric powers or elucidated scrying, but I will let you know if I have a breakthrough.

As always, posted on main blog as well: http://rsdevin.vox.com/

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