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R. Schuyler Devin

- Writer, Poet, Artist, Technophile -

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I regret that despite my few years on earth, I a man not easily described: I seem to have evolved into an eclectic amalgamation of paradoxical qualities. I tend to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to the things I love. I am imaginative and perceive it as one of my greatest strengths. I have been told that I am funny, though my humor is probably best labeled as wry and offbeat. I revel in a good conspiracy theory and live curious of the unknown, skeptical of established history, incorrigible of mind, questioning everything. I love with ferocity and tenderness. I live with familiarity, disappointment, even regret.

I survived childhood in the desert near Death Valley, CA. In retrospect, my youth progressed like the narrative of a disturbing movie or a controversial novel. I have been told for years that I should write my autobiography: to share my fascinating misfortune with the world. The sad story of a child exposed like a bread-and-circus for a barbarous crowd, but I do not want to live such memories so profoundly again. The price of divulgence is not worth the fleeting laughter, moral lessons, and tears people would attach to my story. At least not now. Besides, to put into words the atrocities that are branded on my soul, would undermine one of the crucial gains I treasure as an author. Writing grants escape; a peaceful place for a weary mind. I prefer to walk the halls of my own imagining rather than the dark alleyways of my past. My absolution is found in writing.

I am both a geek and a modern renaissance man; loving the beauty of the past along with the furtherance of current technology. I am fond of computers and gadgets as much as I love antique books and splendid old structures. I developed an affinity for writing prose and poetry at an early age; fueled by an appetite for books of fantasy fiction and poetic verse. Carroll, Verne, Lewis, Haggard, Tolkien, Burroughs and others kindled my imagination; Poe, Frost, Byron, Wordsworth, Elliot, Tennyson, Coleridge and many others taught me to appreciate--and express--subtle beauty through written words. As a notorious tinkerer--dismantling, constructing, repairing, and destroying electronic items as a child; I was often penalized--sometimes rewarded--based upon the success (or occasional failure) by my maverick ingenuity . I am also a self-taught computer artist and web designer with an interest in the creation of video games.

Music is also very important to me; both as a connoisseur and as a singer/songwriter. I derive my influences from a vast cd collection containing personal favorites like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dan Fogelberg, and Billy Joel to Rush, Yes, and Kansas. My eclectic tastes have been a boon to my songwriting; allowing me to display many facets of expression, unlike the narrow sonic abyss of Top-40s radio. I consider lyrics significant, and as vital as the music that supports them. They are a kindred manifestation of poetic art.

Proof of my "geek" classification can be found in the fact that I get excited regarding almost anything sci-fi or fantasy related. Yes, I am the type of person that goes to a midnight showing of Star Trek or Lord of the Rings and dresses up for medieval fairs and SCA events. I love toys, maybe its my lost childhood, and I have more action figures than I care to count (to my wife’s chagrin). To further add to my eclecticist status: I collect coins, currency, stamps, comics, game cards, hat pins from my travels, gadgets of all sorts, and books (I guess my cds, dvds, and videogames probably count towards my malady as well). My statement regarding "...be[ing] obsessive compulsive when it comes to the things I love" should now be clearer, but it is also a testament to the love, pride, and unity I feel for my wife and daughter.

I am currently working on a few novels (these projects span: High-Fantasy, Dark Urban Fantasy/New Weird, and YA) and will share details regarding these projects in time.

So as a life-long sci-fi/fantasy cognoscente, man of letters, geek, traveler, song-smith, survivor, and dreamer who has lived in temporal coordinates spanning California, Colorado, Washington, and the realms of my own imagination--I welcome you.

R. Schuyler Devin

February 2008

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