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Swords and Shirts in the land of Hyrulian Middle-Earth

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death Mountain, I will fear no Ganondorf: for thou art with me; thy Triforce and thy Master Sword comfort me."

I definitively have a first love when it comes to video games, and that is The Legend of Zelda. The impact, memories, and lasting fandom supersede all of the great Atari and TRS-80 games that came before it: I will always love that golden cartridge and that utilitarian gray box.

When you combine that fandom with my love for old structures and stained glass windows, then you realize why I had to purchase this t-shirt and why I had to share it with you. I buy many, many t-shirts, but this has to be my favorite in a very long time.

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The worlds of Hyrule and Middle-Earth have become fluxed and have coalesced into one odd world to bring you the following bonus action-shoot photo exclusive!

While traveling in the Hyrulian Lost Woods, I randomly and quite carelessly decided to toss a bomb against a rock-wall; By chance, it opened a secret cave entrance. Sitting inside this austere dwelling was a reserved old man who gave me 5 rupees and a strange new sword he simply called "Sting", then the old man vanished without explanation or requital. Sounds of slaughter and guttural calls came from beyond the cave mouths dusky glow, and the sword began to gleam with an icy blue light. Little did I know--that outside the cave--a group of octoroks had just been slain, and waiting in ambush, were a sanguinary tribe of orcs. Yes, orcs were now alive and well, spreading a raw evil throughout Hyrule.

I have a some memories to share regarding Zelda I and II in the coming days.

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