July 15th, 2010

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In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • Finally finished my #rigoramortis submission last night after whittling it down from 1200 words to 1050 (without title). Almost ready to go!
  • My #rigoramortis inspiration: Captain & Tennille, a character from PREDATORS, and films MISERY & ZOMBIELAND. Writing soundtrack: Pink Floyd.
  • . @mercedesmy Specifically this creepy hidden msg: "Love, love will keep us together...You belong to me now, ain't gonna set you free now.
  • Should clarify that certain key elements that inspire writing, in this case #rigoramortis, are subtle, transparent, not immediately obvious.
  • Didn't want people getting too excited thinking there might be zombie a Captain & Tennille in a face-off w/Kathy Bates and a rogue PREDATOR!
  • I have now gone from Pink Floyd to Iron Maiden after being sleepy-eyed from an 1.5 hour walk with a chatterbox 3.75 yro in the burning sun.
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