July 14th, 2010

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In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • I've been quiet. Had the days (not the nights) of the weekend to myself and did a lot of piddling around (since I had a car and no 3.5 yro).
  • Saw PREDATORS Friday. 4.5/5: wasn't a reboot because it referenced events of '87 film. Doesn't stray far from the original w/bit more scifi.
  • I'm a writer of conflicting personalities. One squeaks: "maybe I'm not horrible" Other: "Why bother, It'll be rejected anyway" #rigoramortis
  • Regardless of which personality is dominating my psyche, I need to finish this #rigoramortis entry. Rain-or-shine w/in my mind. #self-esteem
  • Think I've gained a +5 to my Save-vs-Inadequacy roll: currently enjoying the fiction I'm writing. Lets hope this joy continues #rigoramortis
  • Outside on an epic walk for sunshine and exercise. Once I return home, it's water and more writing.
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