July 9th, 2010

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In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • Didn't say anything on Twitter yesterday until It's 8:45 pm. I was frantically writing from 11 am until 5:30 pm then took an 1.5 hour walk.
  • In positive writing news: finished my odd flash fiction story for Shock Totem last night with 3 hours to spare. Muse was late to the party!
  • "The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle" by P. Rothfuss: cute art, clever ending(s), modern Grimm. Sorry, but my 3.5 yro WILL love it!
  • RT @pauljessup: Love Weird Books? Help us promote them with The Weird Revival! bit.ly/9oxGas
  • Treat yourself: "In a Gilded Light" by award-winning editor/author @jenniferbrozek bit.ly/9mGkO7 A collection of her fiction (plz RT)
  • RT @mattstaggs: @pauljessup is hoping to Kickstart a Weird Fiction Revival bit.ly/9oxGas <---It's "Strange Books for Strange Peo
  • . @erikaholt ...I must do some SERIOUS writing today. Did 6.5 hours of writing yesterday (without break), but not on #rigoramortis | #seshat
  • RT @factlets: Food additive E920, a flavor enhancer in pizzas and bagels, is extracted from human hair. bit.ly/aBcXdg <---DISGUSTING!
  • . @MariAdkins What? You don't want to put 3 o'clock shadow beard clipping into an salt shaker and sprinkle it on your food for added flavor?
  • RT @Syfy: Reminder, I'm giving away my #Syfy Flip UltraHD camcorder to someone who RTs this note by 5pm PT on 7/9. twitpic.com/22y6ls
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