R. Schuyler Devin (rsdevin) wrote,
R. Schuyler Devin

The Twitterverse Daily

In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • . @JMMcDermott Awesome! Just make sure NIGHTSHADE pays you what they owe you. They seem to be having $ problems with a few authors lately.
  • . @jaymgates "...funds for Haiti relief...are there any for the Gulf? If not...why not?" Because BP is at fault: should cover the bill 100%
  • . @pabba I loved the eyePhone episode of Futurama! Quite apropos for the last several weeks of Apple idolatry.
  • 3.5 year old daughter: "Ahh...my belly hurts." Me: "why?" Daughter: "because there is something wrong inside my brain!"
  • . @mattstaggs @pauljessup Cool Transformers interviews. However, you should have asked me, I probably have 70+ Transformers in my office. :)
Brought to you by the letter"L"
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