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R. Schuyler Devin
- Writer, Poet, Artist, Technophile -
The Twitterverse Daily 
19th-Jun-2010 05:01 am
My Twitter
In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • For #FollowFriday I say we should #FollowOurDreams and not let the world dilute, rend, skew, destroy, or disarm our #dreams and #aspirations
  • [Kinkade] 'nation’s self-described “most collected artist”...sort of like Velveeta bragging that it’s “America’s most sought-after cheese.”'
  • The quote I posted about Kincade was taken from '"Painter Of Light" Thomas Kinkade arrested for DUI...' over at AVClub: bit.ly/cY0Fvk
  • I know a girl who believed (her mom still believes) the Devil shakes the earth to create earthquakes. Used to say plate tectonics were lies!
  • Last msg incited by @pauljessup's fundamentalist jk "I don't believe in gravity! or the laws of physics! We're all held together by angels!"
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