R. Schuyler Devin (rsdevin) wrote,
R. Schuyler Devin

The Twitterverse Daily

In today's Twitter post round-up:

  • I think the 1st Twit nibblers on #rigoramortis should get a free-pass from @jaymgates & @erikaholt. Joking (just my diminutive ego talking).
  • "Student...'mooned' a group of Hell's Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer." --Hilarious! bit.ly/aWZ8Dx
  • . @blakecharlton @jeremiahtolbert Maybe Goodkind will work the phrase: "this is NOT fantasy" into his new cover art. PoppyCOCK, I dare say!
  • Ok #writerwednesday 4 talented wordsmiths with a criminal lack of followers: @NateCrowder @erikaholt @thexmedic @southernweirdo Plz rectify!
Brought to you by the letter"L"
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